Seavey "Leapfrogs" Zirkle as Iditarod 41 Champion

Mitch Seavey is the 2013 Iditarod Champion


by Jake Ryle

NOME, Alaska--After only pushing through White Mountain with a 13 minute lead over Aliy Zirkle, Mitch Seavey extended that lead threefold en route to his second Iditarod victory.

Seavey was awarded a check for more than $50,000, the keys to a new truck, and rights as this year's Iditarod Champion.

Zirkle pulled into Front Street in Nome 24 minutes after Seavey. She was greeted with chants in the street of "Aliy, Aliy, Aliy".

After officially being declared this year's runner-up, Zirkle met with Seavey in a cordial hug and an uplifting conversation.

"You're going to win this thing before all is said and done," Iditarod 41 champion Seavey said, "You're a true champion."

In a packed press conference in the Nome Iditarod Headquarters, both Seavey and Zirkle admitted to "seeing things" on the trail. There seemed to be no doubt in the late goings of the race that this would be a two musher race.

"It's not like we were playing cat and mouse," Zirkle added, "More like leapfrog".

Seavey can now safely leap into the comfort of a warm bed, and a new truck.

1. Mitch Seavey
2. Aliy Zirkle
3. Jeff King
4. Dallas Seavey
5. Ray Redington Jr.

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