Montreal Canadiens Send Scott Gomez Packing


by Jake Ryle

ANCHORAGE, Alaska--While the ice-covered streets made local headlines for many media outlets, it was an ice hockey player who stole the show on Monday.

Early Monday morning, the Montreal Canadiens National Hockey League team announced Scott Gomez and the team would be parting ways.

Gomez would have entered into the sixth year of his 7-year, $51.5 million contract.

The buy-out the Canadiens are negotiating would pay Gomez another $3 million for the upcoming season.

The move comes after the NHL's Collective Agreement to lower the salary cap for each team by $10 million.

Gomez, a 12-year NHL veteran, struggled in Montreal after several bouts of injuries.

Due to the contractual buy-out, Gomez will be unable to play with any other hockey team due to "risking a major health concern" before being bought out.

No NHL teams have shown interest in picking up his contract.

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