Peters Stresses Recruiting on UAA Visit


by Jake Ryle

ANCHORAGE, Alaska--David Peters, Assistant Coach of the Dartmouth College hockey program, layed out his plan on Monday evening to strengthen UAA's recruiting.

Peters cited his work at other NCAA Institutitions which had struggled in the past as a reason for why he may be the best candidate.

His resume includes 14 seasons coaching at Dartmouth College, a school which went through nearly 20 straight losing seasons.

"If I was UAA, I would not let me leave here," Peters said.

His ability to turn losing programs into winning programs quickly is evident in jobs at Providence, and Kent State before that.

Peters cited an ability to recruit talent that the top-tier schools fail to notice after two years of development in junior leagues.

As for his first priority if he were to accept the opening, he said he'd like to talk with the returning players to understand their philosophy, and make sure they're the proper fit for the team.