South Basketball Begins Road Trip


by Jake Ryle

ANCHORAGE, Alaska--Playing in the northern-most state isn't a luxury many teams in the lower-48 have privilege to. For Alaskan teams, playing in the southern-most (contiguous) state, fares the same way.

The South High Wolverines basketball team are preparing for a long road trip to play Kodiak--and then they'll fly south to Florida to play against teams from across the country.

The Wolverines have already picked up two wins on the season by 26 points as an anverage margin of victory. 

The team is led by center Jack Hobbs, and guard Enrique Morgan.

Hobbs, the team's tallest player, said his team has speed that may be able to weaken opponents down the line.

At Thursday's basketball practice, the team seemed to be fairly loose--cracking jokes and laughing, when appropriate.

"It's a lot of fun practicing out here with these guys," Morgan said, "But sometimes you have to know when to keep quiet and not get in trouble."

Trouble is the last thing the Wolverines will want before making the long trip south.

Head Coach Taylor Nerlands said his team lacked experience last season, which ultimately would be the Wolverines downfall; but that same lack of experience only one year ago has turned into a benefit for the team.

Nerland feels confident his team will have a boosted morale from the players developing a comraderie for an entire season--and that can only boost their level of play.


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