Walmart Manager Shot

Jason Mahi Undergoing Surgery For Gunshot to Abdomen


by Mike Ford

Anchorage Police responded to a shooting at the midtown Walmart Saturday.

Shortly before 3 PM, a 45-year-old man, and double amputee in a Walmart motorized buggy entered the store with a medium-sized unrestrained dog.

Manager Jason Mahi 33, approached the man and asked him to put the dog on a leash.The man produced a had gun and shot Mahi in the abdomen.

An off-duty police officer in the store at the time rendered first aid ti Mahi before running to detain the suspect.

Mahi was rushed to a local hospital to undergo surgery.
The 45 year-old man is at APD headquarters for questioning and will be named after he is charged.

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Lee said on Sunday, Apr 21 at 12:47 PM

Please do not confuse people who carry a pocket dog as an accessory or the rare person who lies to get their dog into the cabin of an airplane, with a trained service dog. Without service dogs the lives of many people would be significantly limited. Having a service dog can both expand the life of a person from having to always be attended by another person or unable to function outside their home to the ability to actually save their life during certain medical emergencies. Please do not think that people with service dogs who are not blind are taking their "pet" with them for fun. Please understand and accept that many people are better able to function and live a fully functioning life due to their service animal.

Lee said on Sunday, Apr 21 at 12:38 PM

Mike et al, Yes you probably have noticed an increase in service dogs. This is not people bringing their "pet" with them. Over the past couple of decades the use of service animals has increased as it has been found that service animals are able to aid more medical conditions and disabilities. At one time the only service dogs you saw were for people with vision impairments. Then it was found that the life of a person with hearing impairment could be significantly aided by a trained service animal, usually a dog. Over time people with many other issues, including epilepsy, diabetes, heart arrhythmias, paraplegia, autism, PTSD, and many other medical conditions and disabilities have found that their life can be significantly enhanced, expanded and integrated into their community with the assistance of a service animal. A service animal is not a pet. They are trained to help a person with issues arising from their medical conditions and disabilities.

Mike said on Thursday, Mar 21 at 10:48 AM

And another thing (yes, I'm on a roll), have you noticed the increase in "helper" animals lately? It seems that everyone has one now. This right is being abused by so many people its ridiculous. There are many people out there that need this type of therapy but good God people, now everywhere I go there are animals in every aisle with their owners and I'm sure many of them don't need them. It's just an excuse to bring their animal out with them. What?, are there really that many people out there that are going to flip out if they don't have their pets with them when a human approaches them? Or are they afraid to go out in public without their cat/dog/whatever? Look, I know there are people that need their pets but like I said, way to many people are abusing this thing. Again, doctors are failing us and not properly diagnosing people. Now a days every cough, sneeze or whimper has some sort of name for it. Man up people, some of you just need to face life!

Mike said on Thursday, Mar 21 at 10:40 AM

Why in the world would you be in a public place and "not" have your pet on a leash? That's just common sense. I'm sorry, vet or not, this guy isn't in his right mind and here's a perfect example of a person who had no right to posess a weapon. He was a double amputee because of diabetees, not because of a war wound. I'm a 21 year war veteran, spent over 3 years of my life in the Middle East on 4 deployments and 3 wars. I've seen the worst of the worst and nothing I've seen would cause me to bring a dog somewhere without a leash and then shoot someone over it. This man had a MENTAL ILLNESS, this should have been DIAGNOSED and the doctors should have had a system in place to PREVENT HIM FROM POSESSING A FIREARM. I own over a dozen firearms and strongly believe in the 2nd ammendment but this type of behavior gives the activists the type of ammunition they need to take away our rights. The system has failed once again. Why in the world is he not being charged with attempted murder?

Sue said on Sunday, Mar 17 at 9:37 PM

Who knew shopping at Walmart or working there could be a matter of life or death. This was a crazy nut who mentioned at his hearing about his rights what about the victims rights. Good luck defending yourself as you have no defence. As for Walmart its good to know how much you respect your employees and didn't close until all the facts were known.

Cecilia said on Sunday, Mar 17 at 8:11 PM

This is very sad in deed, my heart sincerely goes out to the Mahi family, a hard working man, we lost him. Too difficult to digest. BUT lets not be too verdict testy...this was a Vet, who knows what aliments he suffers... Two wrongs will not make a right. My heart goes to him too. BUT my heart is truly hurt for the Mahi Family..please know we share your pain.

1sayeroftruth said on Sunday, Mar 17 at 7:52 PM

try to kill a human being so you don't have to put a leash on a helper dog ? hate to break the news to dog owners here need to start thinking of other PEOPLE for a change please

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