Anchorage, AK - The November earthquake sent many businesses into a frenzy, finding new ways and new places to work after damage ruined the buildings and supplies.

One of the businesses who’s suffered the most damage is FOCUS, Inc., or Family Outreach Center for Understanding Special-Needs.

Thankfully, the Alaska Community Foundation is donating 10 thousand dollars as a part of the first round of Disaster Recovery Fund Grants. Choosing FOCUS as a recipient was a no-brainer, due to the nature of their work.

When the earthquake first struck, FOCUS wasted no time in moving, finding a new location, and re-opening their doors so they could help people who would need it right after the quake. Their willingness to help the community caused the community to want to help them.

Community support and A-C-F grants helped put their pieces back together. FOCUS is just one of the many organizations who are seeing immediate relief thanks to this money.

A second round of grants focused on more long-term impacts will be announced in February.

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