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Session Day 93

JUNEAU, AK- Around eight o'clock Wednesdays, the conference committee of both House and Senate members adjourned until 10:00a.m. tomorrow morning.

A bill will be drafted overnight and available to members for review before taking it back to their respective floors.
Representative Sam Kito III says most... Read more »

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Juneau Still in Session

JUNEAU, AK- It is now two days past the session deadline and lawmakers have yet to agree on a version of Governor Parnell's education bill.
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Anchorage City Budget

ANCHORAGE, AK- Lawmakers in Juneau are not the only politicians waiting for session to wrap up. At Tuesday's Anchorage Assembly meeting, the Assembly made a motion to delay its budget debate.

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49th State Fund Expands, 6M Remains For Future Investments

ANCHORAGE-Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan announces entreprenuers in the state's largest city have a lot to look forward to. Read More »