It’s been one year since Alaska officially declared an outbreak of Syphilis after reaching 20 cases in just 3 months. Typically, Alaska only gets 20 cases in a year. The numbers continued to skyrocket through the last nine months of 2018, and here’s where we stand today.

A lot of what’s happening can simply be broken down into a lack of knowledge about the disease, how it’s transmitted, and of course, whether or not your partner has it.

Susan Jones, HIV & STD Program Manager for the State of Alaska says there’s three very important things that could help control the outbreak.

  1. Know about the disease and how it’s spread. Simply by always using a barrier method you can prevent contracting the disease. That’s right condoms are good for more than just birth control.

  2. You can reduce the number of your partners

  3. You can reduce your high-risk sexual activities – especially avoiding doing drugs while partaking in sexual acts.

Of course, simply communicating can help, no matter how awkward your Tinder DM’s may get.


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