Alaska Native Veterans from World War II through today, were all honored this weekend at the US Army's 508th Engineer Officer Candidate Regiment Ceremony at the Hotel Captain Cook.

The ceremony included a short video to honor the Veterans and the singing of the national anthem was done by children from the Alaska Native Cultural Charter School.

Organizers say, it's important to not only remember the fallen on Memorial Day, but to honor Veterans as well.

"If you don't keep them in high regard, esteem and honor, remember what they did, the sacrifices they made, you're doomed to repeat stuff," Douglas Gallant who is with the 508th Engineer Officer Candidate Regiment said.

And two Alaska Veterans agree it's crucial to remember both those who have died and those who are still here.

"I think we need to remember them more than just at Memorial Day, certainly setting aside one particular day out of the year is always good and I think there are other days that we also, even though we don't call it Memorial Day, we certainly call it the 4th of July or there are other days where Veterans are honored or that kind of thing," James LaBelle who is an Alaska Veteran said.

"They're the people that gave their lives for our freedom, that's very important, we don't have to speak German or Japanese because these fellows gave their ultimate for our freedom," Mike Hunt who is an Alaska World War II Veteran said.

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