Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz announced Friday that the municipality will be mandating strong restrictions than the State of Alaska, a move that Governor Michael Dunleavy advised communities are allowed to do.

New restrictions go into effect June 6 for out-of-state travelers who have not had a negative COVID-19 test within a week of arriving in Anchorage. They must wear a face covering if they’re around people who aren’t members of their household, according to the restrictions.

The municipality is demanding that these travelers head directly to the place where they’re quarantining, stay physically separated from others and use non-contact delivery to receive whatever goods or services they may need in a fully self-quarantined state for two weeks.

These travelers must inform their hotel, rental lodging host, and/or roommates of their quarantine status or whether they are required to minimize in-person interactions.

Businesses may refuse to serve people who are in quarantine or minimal-interaction status according to the mandate.

These travelers may get take out or curbside delivery, but are not allowed to dine in at restaurants for two weeks. They may recreate outdoors but may not access indoor facilities like theaters, fitness centers or museums for 14 days.

If their airport test results come back negative, travelers can then move to the State of Alaska mandate stage of simply minimizing interactions with others.