Preston Pollard along with several other people in the community joined together this weekend to find out how to encourage more Anchorage Youth to cross the graduation stage.

"Kids need to see other kids graduating to be inspired," Preston Pollard who is a Youth Motivational Speaker said.

The Anchorage GradNation Summit focused on ways, not only educators, but the community can help young people graduate and improve the graduation rate from 80 percent now to 90 percent by 2020.

"There were wonderful opportunities to talk about what youth need in order to be successful, in order to stick to it, graduate, really learn, there were also opportunities for businesses and adults to talk about how they can be more strategic and intentional in supporting youth towards those outcomes," June Sobocinski who is the Vice President of Education Impact at United Way of Anchorage said.

"I was one of those kids who was in the Special Ed classes and who had trouble in school, but I had mentors who didn't give up on me, so hopefully they'll be inspired to continue to motivate and encourage these kids with helping them find their purpose, helping them find their vision," Pollard said.

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