Anchorage, AK - Two Anchorage doctors are dodging the paparazzi and changing hundreds of lives. Dr. Stephen Tower and Dr. Robert Bridges are featured in the new Netflix documentary, The Bleeding Edge, focused on how your hip or shoulder replacement could be doing more harm than good.

Ten years ago, Dr. Tower began falling ill shortly after a hip replacement. After hours of research and dozens of brain scans, he began putting two and two together and found out about cobalt poisoning.

The Bleeding Edge is working to spread the news about cobalt poisoning and how harmful it can be in patients’ bodies. Tower says he can divide patients into three groups. 1 out of 4 are immune to cobalt, 2 out of 4 react fairly reasonably to cobalt implementation, and the other 1 out of 4 is extremely sensitive, causing early on-set diseases.

But all this can be changed just by using a different material, such a ceramic ball instead of cobalt. When the cobalt ball gets worn down by other pieces of the replacement, it begins leaking into the patient’s system.

Towers and Bridges are extremely grateful every day their work has been turned into a documentary. While the fame is an added perk, the fact they’re changing and improving lives all over the country is what they set out to become doctors for in the first place.

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