Photo: Viktor Hanacek

Emergency Order EO-16 has Anchorage hunkering down until New Years Day. With COVID number rising, the order is hopes to limit situations that are most likely to spread COVID-19, such as when people are crowded in confined spaces and not wearing masks, according to a press release. 

The Municipality of Anchorage asks that individuals limit outings and physical contact to those within their household, and those likely to be contagious with COVID-19 quarantine or isolate.

Through December indoor gatherings are limited to six people, and outdoor gatherings are limited to 10 people. Specific exceptions are defined in the emergency order, including for drive-in events, classrooms, and political and religious gatherings.

Anchorage bars and restaurants are closed except for take-out, delivery, or outdoor service, and organized sports are closed to indoor competitions. Bingo Halls, theaters, private clubs, and other entertainment facilities are closed.

Indoor gyms are limited to 25% capacity. Salons and personal care service providers are limited to 25% capacity and cannot provide services that require the removal of a mask. All retail and other public-facing businesses are limited to 25% building occupancy and must maintain physical distancing.

Employers must require employees to work from home when remote work does not significantly impede business operations.