ANCHORAGE, AK  - This morning members of several elementary schools, a middle school and a high school participated in a display of solidarity calling for strong communities and strong public schools in Anchorage.

For the very first time, the Anchorage Education Association and several Anchorage's schools participated in the Alliance to Reclaim our Schools joining 100,000 parents, students and educators in 200 cities all dedicated to holding walk-ins and celebrating public schools. The walk-ins' purpose was to draw attention to the need for more parent and educator collaboration and advocate for a successful implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act.

The walk-ins consist of parents, students and educators gathering outside of their schools before the bell to hold a rally and a march.

“Anchorage students deserve the best possible education we can provide”, said Brinna Wojtalewicz, Anchorage Education Association President in a press release. “By encouraging students, parents, and educators to work together we can make Anchorage schools and community stronger.”

Anchorage educators will be joined by members of the West High School PTA, Great Alaska Schools, and students to show their support for public education. “Having strong public schools and high-quality teachers is a major reason my family and I chose to make Anchorage our home” said Deena Mitchell, a parent and member of Great Alaska Schools Anchorage in a press release. “As a member of Great Alaska Schools, I want every student in the state to have similar opportunities. I’m proud to join the AROS movement with their call for sustainable community schools, and their focus on strong family/community engagement. By raising awareness of these issues, we will make our Anchorage public schools even stronger.”

Walk-Ins were held at the following locations:

• West High School: 7:00am- 7:15am

• Golden View Middle School: 7:30am- 7:45am

• Sand Lake Elementary School: 8:00am- 8:15am

• Creekside Elementary School: 8:00am- 8:15am

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