(Warning: some viewers may find content and/or images disturbing.)

One of the founding members of Alaska Bully Rescue and current proprietor of doggy daycare and overnight boarding center, The Hound Lounge, has answered the call of another dog in distress.

Beth shared that even though she tried in the past to retire from dog rescuing, the phone has never stopped ringing. In less than a decade of being involved, she has seen things no pet should have to go through-legs that had to be amputated; a dog that was attacked by a hatchet; a dog with wounds from a blowtorch.  And while she may get stressed and tired, she said that when a call comes in, she makes sure that either herself or someone else that can help will respond-because not acting causes something that really makes her lose sleep at night: wondering what happens to the dog.

Such was the case when Midnight Sun Animal Hospital gave her a call. A Pit Bull had been brought in with severe signs of neglect and abuse. Ezio was at death's door-his organs were failing, and he couldn't walk. But the folks at Midnight Sun saved him from his immediate problems, and Beth has been helping with the long term ones.

With his new life has come a new name: Eazy E, and the persistent pooch has amassed quite a following on social media-with people from all over wondering if they can help foster or even adopt him. For a dog that was once nearly left to die, having humans duke it out with each other over who gets to show him love has been an almost overwhelming change.

But he takes it all in stride; exploring when he has the strength to do so, and always on the lookout for food. Because of his current health, food has to be given in limited supply; he has to slowly be brought back up to a healthy weight over time-or he could be in worse trouble.

That's something that has been hard for his new foster mom-Taylor. She said she wants desperately to give him more food sooner, but that she knows this is what's best for him. In the mean time, she's been making her other dogs show their support. Everyone is on a temporary dog treat hiatus-but they don't seem to mind too much. In fact Eazy E has been welcomed into the pack-often receiving cuddles from the other dogs.

As for Beth, she continues to fight for his continued health and hopefully someday, a new permanent home; a home filled with love and care. That's a task that shouldn't be too difficult. In spite of everything, Eazy E hasn't shown any signs aggression or a fear of people. In fact, during our interview with Beth and Taylor, a visitor began weeping over the obvious signs of past mistreatment, and while he may have struggled to walk over to him, the dog did what dogs do best: comforted a human.

Animal abuse in Alaska is a felony, and comes with potential fines and/or prison time. Beth says that they filed a report with Animal Control. Now it's up to APD to decide whether to prosecute or not.

If you'd like to contribute to the Hound Lounge or to Eazy E specifically, contact them on Facebook, or you can stop by the lounge itself on 2513 Fairbanks Street, Anchorage, AK, 99503.

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