Anchorage, AK - This weekend marks the 11th annual Alaska Fitness Expo, and this year, they’re breaking records and barriers plus debunking myths around how to “cut” for a show.

Peter Menage is the first man in the state attempting to compete as a body builder and in the strongman competition.

Menage and his fellow athletes are focusing on proving you can be strong, fit and lean year-round without being unhealthy.

Fellow competitor, Austin Jacques, has started cutting body fat and water weight for this competition and has lost around 15 pounds, all without changing his diet.

Not only are these men trying to make it clear that most of the work gets done in the kitchen, they’re also trying to simply encourage people to get healthier and hit the gym.

Alaska Fit Productions Owner, Garry Lodoen, says thirteen times creates a habit and it’s all about not giving up. Don’t feel intimidated when you get to the gym, instead ask questions.

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