Lake Hood Users Meet

Sea Plane Base Checks Invasive Plants.


by Mike Ford

With close to a thousand planes based at Lake Hood, it is one of the busiest float plane bases in the world. The state owned seaplane base is located just three nautical miles from downtown Anchorage and along with the Lake Hood Gravel Strip handles on average 190 flights a day.

At last weeks Lake Hood Users meeting a number of issues were discussed. Everything from the lighting upgrade on the gravel strip to results of the study on invasive weeds.Officials wanted to know if there were any invasive weeds in the lakes Hood or Spenard. Airport manager John Parrott shared results. "The good news is we don't have any invasive weeds, the bad news is we have a significant number of native species in the lake and plants to gather on a planes water rudders and potentially cause steering problems"

Airport management has a multi dimensional plan of attack to deal with the weeds."We have a weed harvester that we operate in the summer and we're continuing to look at other methods to control those plants" stated Parrott.

Invasive plants did reveal themselves as a result of the study, but not in the lakes. According to  Parrott "We did find some on the grounds around the lake and this spring we intend to remove those and make every effort to keep them removed"

Officials are also working on educating a number of the pilot groups to make sure the float plane pilots are following best practices to prevent the spread of invasive species into or out of lake hood. For more connect with