Paratroopers Complete Airborne Training at JBER


by Victoria Taylor

ANCHORAGE-Jumping out of planes and taking in a birds eye view of Anchorage might not be how everyone's day starts but for the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) it's all part of a days work.

"Really it's the best part of my job, jumping out of airplanes like this," said Capt. Douglas Droesch after completing his jump Wednesday morning.

The training exercise simulates real world missions, "You've got to go into a foreign area and we've got no vehicles there, no sustainment, no support on the ground. We need to be able to drive and get around when we're there so that's what we're training up to do," said Capt. Droesch.

First time jumper, Christopher Lawrence dropped from the C-17 aircraft with mixed emotion, but knew he had to stay focused once he landed in the snow, "You do wanna rush and try to steady your breathing. you want to get all the equipment and make sure you have all of that in the right spot,make sure you pack the parachute back in the right spot or else it will tear and make sure you have your reserve, get with a bow buddy and go."