Pilot Walks Away From Weekend Crash

Damage to Plane Extensive


by Mike Ford

ANCHORAGE - A U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service floatplane crashed into Lake Spenard Saturday.

The pilot was alone in the aircraft, returning to Anchorage after dropping a crew off on the Kenai Peninsula when the turbo prop Kodiak crashed.

The National Transportation Safety Council reporting that the pilot felt one of her floats grabbing just before the plane cart wheeled, landing up side down in the lake.

Other than being cold and wet, the pilot escaped without injury. The amphibious aircraft was encircled by a containment boom Sunday to capture leaking fuel. Monday the wreckage was hauled to the fish and wildlife hangar.

Tuesday representatives from Quest aircraft company,manufactures of the plane will join the N.T.S.B. at the hangar to inspect the crumpled aircraft.