TSA Opens Speedy Security Checkpoint at Anchorage Airport

TSA Opens PreCheck at Ted Stevens International Airport


by Victoria Taylor

ANCHORAGE- The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) showcased the new PreCheck security system at Ted Stevens International, Tuesday.

The new system allows prescreened fliers the option to get through airport security faster. Each passenger now has a barcode embedded into their boarding pass, telling security if they qualify for the PreCheck line.

The PreCheck program is designed like an award system for low-risk passengers and it has several time saving perks, "the passenger is allowed to keep on their shoes, a light jacket, keep on your belt, keep your laptop in the bag and also keep your 3-1-1-liquid aerosols in your carry on," said TSA public affairs manager Lori Dankers.

Anchorage is the 33rd airport in the country to integrate the new security system. Nationwide, one million passengers will benefit from the faster screening process every month.

"Just like anybody else, the amount of time that you end up standing in line makes a big difference especially when you're in the airport like in my case, quite often," said David Karp, a frequent flyer who lives in Anchorage.

Prescreened passengers are eligable by enrolling in the trusted traveler program or being invited by participating airlines.