Airshow pilot Marcus Paine tells about the Arctic Thunder Airshow that he flew his biplane from Arizona to Anchorage to participate in on July 30-31.

Every two years the Alaska Airshow Association and Elmendorf Air Force Base JBER sponsor for a full on aviation airshow. Performer Paine, a regular airshow performer, is back in Alaska with his biplane the Sweet Marianne flown from Tucson to Anchorage, some 3000 miles.

This is the third time I have flown my Stearman biplane to Anchorage to participate in an airshow,” said Paine. “This time for the state’s largest gathering of performers along with the Navy Blue Angels.

Mark is a well-known TV personality, airshow performer with wing walkers and is the founder of an upset training business called Unusual Attitudes. Paine is featured as one of the pilots in the Canadian History Channel on a show called “Gods of the Sky.”

“Someday maybe we can see the show in Alaska, but for now its showing in Canada,” Paine added. Paine works with wing walker Carol Pilon of Third Strike Wing walker fame, and flies her red Stearman biplane.

The Stearman is a great show plane there will be plenty of engine noise, and smoke during one of the two performances that I will fly, Paine said. “I will also be doing a low level stall, spin demonstration in Chuck Millers Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser.

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