Anchorage, AK --

It’s winter -we’re cold, we’re tired, and many of us aren’t in the best moods -and it’s not just a human thing, it’s a moose thing too. 

"When we go into winter, moose are nutritionally stressed. They're not finding enough food, so they're a little more testy. Just like when we get hungry, we get a bit edgy," said Alaska Department Fish and Game biologist, Cory Stantorf.

-And by "edgy" he means what we call "hangry." This time of year moose are all around Anchorage looking for food and trying to catch a break from the deep snow in the forest.

If you see one walking about, be sure to keep your distance and look for tell tale signs of aggression. These include ears back, hairs raised, stomping of the feet, and grunting. 

Also, while it might seem like a good idea to help moose find food, never attempt to feed a moose. Not only is it illegal, but it could also be deadly.

If you do see a moose being fed, acting aggressive, or in need of some help this winter, be sure to contact your local fish and game office online or by phone. For Anchorage that number is (907) 267-2257. 


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