-Anchorage, AK

The Anchorage Police Department has received lots of calls from people confused about what is and what is not allowed during this burn ban.

Remember that outdoor fires are prohibited during the burn ban. This includes bon fires, campfires, open flame cooking fires (except barbecues), portable outdoor fireplaces, fixed/built in outdoor fire places, grass or yard debris burning, and any other heat source which have the potential to start a grass or wildland fire.

However, don’t worry you can still grill you salmon! Barbecue grills (electric, gas & charcoal) are still allowed including enclosed pellet grills (Traeger, etc.)

As a reminder the following are always prohibited within the Municipality of Anchorage at any time:

1. The use of burn barrels or burning trash, garbage, construction materials, or other non-cured firewood is prohibited.

2. Burning of yard debris including leaves, grass and tree limbs is prohibited. All vegetation waste and woody debris must be disposed of through curbside trash removal, the Solid Waste Service's transfer site, primary landfill or the wood lot.

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