Coast Guard Names Patrol Vessel after Support Staff

Anchorage, AK -- The Alaska Wildlife Troopers broke from tradition when they dedicated a new patrol vessel to a pair of civilian support staff.

The P/V Audrey Ann, a 32-foot medium class vessel recognizes the contributions of longtime Department of Public Safety Administrative Assistants Audrey Ayay-Dehart and Ann Porter.

“We had a rare opportunity to honor two incredible women who have made a significant impact in our department,” said Colonel Doug Massie, Director of the Alaska Wildlife Troopers. “Between the two, they have served the State of Alaska for over 50 years.”

Traditionally, many of the department’s vessels have been named for law enforcement values and actions, or for fallen Troopers. But the department’s success is gauged by the sum of all its parts, Massie said, including staff who are not commissioned law enforcement officers.

Massie said Troopers couldn’t get their jobs done without their incredible support staff. Audrey and Ann have been invaluable to the department and to me personally throughout my career.

Both Ayay-Dehart and Porter participated in the christening ceremony in Kodiak, where the P/V Audrey Ann is currently moored. The vessel will be used primarily for commercial fisheries enforcement, patrolling Bristol Bay – the world’s largest commercial salmon fishery – along with waters surrounding Kodiak Island and the Alaska Peninsula.

As with all Department of Public Safety marine assets, the P/V Audrey Ann will also be used in search-and-rescue missions and crime responses and can be deployed in waters anywhere along Alaska’s coast.

The vessel was acquired with a federal Joint Enforcement Agreement with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and state funding.

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