Anchorage, AK --

The Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office says that tests on products from two Houston, Alaska marijuana businesses show contaminated marijuana -and it may have been done by a disgruntled employee.

Products from the cultivator- Calm N Collective and the retail establishment- Houston Grass Station were contaminated with high levels of fungicide and insecticide. The office is now asking the public to surrender their products purchased from the establishments to licensed retailers for proper destruction.

The owner of Calm N Collective has stated that he believes the products were contaminated by a disgruntled former employee and he is fully supportive of the hold placed on his company’s products. Right now, officials are asking the public not to consume any of the products that they have and instead bring them to the AMCO office in Anchorage to be disposed of.

If you believe you may have a suspected product you can email AMCO with the metric id number or the batch number of the product to confirm if it is contaminated. That email is

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