Anchorage, AK - The Alaska Zoo is whole again after introducing Cranbeary and Lyutyik - meaning two polars bears are calling the zoo home once more. 

Cranbeary is a transplant from the Denver Zoo and is here, hoping to not only keep Lyutyik company, but also maybe mate – increasing the just 44 Polar Bears in North American zoos.

Cranbeary has been busy acclimating to Alaska and getting through her quarantine period, but now she’s ready to roam her new stomping grounds.

The two just met yesterday, but it looks like they’re already hitting it off. Alaska Zoo Executive Director said Cranbeary initially wanted to make sure Lyutyik knew she was the alpha of the den, but it’s been smooth sailing since.

The Denver Zoo is renovating their Polar Bear enclosure, and keeping the bears in a happy environment while that was going on simply wouldn’t have worked. Lampi says they’re extremely grateful the Alaska Zoo got to take in Cranbeary when she needed a home.

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