Anchorage, AK - It’s no secret that walking along the ice- and snow-covered sidewalks of Anchorage isn’t for the faint of heart. However, if pathways were better maintained during the winter, would you walk more?

That’s the hope for Gil Pennalosa, a global expert on livable communities. Pennalosa came to town with the AARP to talk about how Anchorage can be improved. He’s founded his own company, 880  Cities, and now has consulted with over 300 cities around the world to make them more efficient and healthier.  

He thinks Anchorage needs to be friendlier to the younger generation. The population of people over 60 is continuing to grow, while younger ages are leaving.

One of the main ways is to improve sidewalks and bike trails, increasing health and decreasing percentages of income spent on car payments and fuel.

While Anchorage is unique, trying to balance snow and ice removal with environmental safety, Pennalosa says we have to find a better way to maintain pathways.

While Pennalosa isn’t doing any official work with the city, he hopes they hear his recommendations and take them to heart. Increasing public health will also help combat Seasonal Affective Disorder and improve public spirit.

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