Subway Center

Anchorage, AK –Yesterday, a hockey match brought out the best in two rival postal service companies. UPS and FedEx took to the ice on Sunday at the Subway Center in a high stakes hockey game to benefit United Way of Anchorage; an organization that mobilizes people and resources to try to make lasting, measurable changes in communities.

“When these two delivery giants join forces to support our community they deliver results that make everyone a winner,” said Michele Brown, President of United Way Anchorage in a press release.

FedEx has seen their community involvement through charitable contributions and employee volunteer hours grow locally these past 16 years. FedEx has been involved with United Way Worldwide for more than 40 years. UPS has been a global United Way partner for over 30 years and a local partner for more than 17 years.

“Though we may be rivals in the business world, we both agree that this event is perfect for Anchorage. Our brands are well known in the community and we are leveraging that as we work together to raise funds for United Way of

Anchorage. We are posed and eager to get our team back on the ice for redemption in 2016! And we are continually humbled by the support of the volunteers and sponsors. Without them, this event would simply not be possible,” said Doug Berry, UPS Alaska Extended Centers Manager in a press release.

Started in 2013 by UPS, the game continues to gain momentum and has enjoyed growth each year.

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