Hope Bakery, a new program at the Downtown Soup Kitchen, is giving women the opportunity to learn job and life skills through baking.

"We want to give women more than just the shelter, we want to give them a hand up and an ability to get some job training and to have something to get up in the morning for so we started the bakery," Sherrie Laurie who is the Executive Director for the Downtown Soup Kitchen said.

The Bakery consists of a morning class where the women learn the technical aspects of baking before heading down to the kitchen in the afternoon, where they are taught the hands-on skills.

"There's people that need these kind of workers and these folks need work, they need to get on with their life," Tom Christensen who is the Head Baker at the Downtown Soup Kitchen said.

"It gives them their value and their dignity back so they're able to really feel like hey, I can do this and I have value as a human being to go out and do something," Laurie said.

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