Those who are struggling to keep a roof over their head after a sudden drop in income due to the coronavirus may find relief sitting on Governor Michael Dunleavy's desk.

The Alaska State Legislature passed Senate Bill 241 which offers Alaskans protections during the COVID-19 crisis. The bill halts evictions and foreclosures, pauses eviction of tenants, and prevents struggling Alaskans from having their utilities shut off.  

It protects Alaskans from those wanting to take advantage of the emergency situation by outlawing price gouging.

The legislation also enables the Department of Community, Commerce and Economic Development to provide grants to small businesses and also provides $10 million from the Disaster Relief Fund to assist with any expenses that arise during response efforts.

It also extends the PFD application period to April 30 and allows for vote-by-mail elections in 2020.

Governor Dunleavy is due to sign the bill into law by April 17.