Anchorage, AK --

There are several proposals to create a personal use dip net fishery in the Susitna river, similar to what they have down in Kenai in the Kasilof. 

During the season, there is a small dip net fishery in the Valley at Ship Creek, but it’s not very reliable, and now some residents are trying to change that.

"The people who are pushing for these proposals and supporting them want to go out and dipnet some salmon locally. While people who are opposed to it might be concerned that for example, if they're commercial fisherman and fishing out in the inlet, that they might have to forego some harvest in order to provide some in-river opportunity," said Matt Miller, the Cook Inlet Coordinator at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. 

If the board decides to create a new fishery, those fish have to come from somewhere else -so it’s up to the board to decide who gets a slice of the pie. 

"This is a pretty controversial topic, but I mean you can see how important fisheries are to the people of Alaska. Here we are in the middle of the winter and we're still talking about salmon, right? So I would encourage people to go out and familiarize yourself with these proposals and get involved in the board process so that your voice is heard," continued Miller.

Public written comments are due by Thursday, January 23rd at midnight and can be submitted on the fish and game website

A meeting will also be held by the board on February 7th in Anchorage to discuss the proposals and allow the community to voice their thoughts. 

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