-Fort Wainwright, AK

Soldiers from Fort Wainwright's 2nd Battalion, 8th Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade are getting ready for their upcoming deployment to Iraq.

They spent days completing their table six certifications, ensuring their cannon crew sections are trained to proficiency with their M Triple Seven Howitzers.

This exercise not only is the final pre-deployment test of their primary skill-sets, but also provides the experience and confidence to bolster their ability to perform above standard. Plus, the exercise also features the use of new technology, the Precision Guidance Kit (PGK).

The PGK turns 155 mm artillery rounds into near-precision projectiles. It is a new, advanced fuse that transforms the current stockpile of conventional 155 mm ammunition into affordable, GPS-guided precision weapons that simultaneously reduce the logistic footprint, increasing accuracy to around 98 percent. It is now known as the preferable munition for cannon artillery and currently used in counter-ISIS operations in both Iraq and Syria.

Part of the battalion's mission in Iraq is to advise and assist Iraqi security forces with field artillery planning and intelligence as well as training and equipping the Iraqi Army against the remnants of ISIS.

Nearly 2,500 soldiers are set to deploy by this autumn and will be in the region for about a year. 

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