Photo: Viktor Hanacek

Non-essential businesses can resume operations Friday if they meet all of the mandated requirements, which include all employees wearing fabric face coverings, Governor Michael Dunleavy announced Thursday evening at a press conference.

Brick and mortar operations are limited to 20 customers inside a store, or 25% maximum building occupancy - whichever is smaller. Requirements also include having a COVID-10 Mitigation Plan posted at the entry, along with signage advising that anyone with symptoms consistent with the coronavirus is not allowed to enter.

Non-essential businesses requiring in-home services like real estate agents showing a home for sale, non-critical inspections and appraisals, or installation of windows, blinds and furniture are also allowed if they meet social distancing, staffing, and hygiene protocols. A complete listing of the new rules can be found at this link.

Businesses found in violation will be issued a notice to cease operations and/or be cited up to $1,000 per violation and may be criminally prosecuted for reckless endangerment, a class A misdemeanor which carries a sentencing guideline of not more than one year of imprisonment and up to a $2,500,000 fine if someone dies.