Anchorage, AK-- Today was Darin Schilmiller's first court appearance where cameras have been allowed, since being extradited to Alaska on Monday.

Earlier this week, he plead not guilty to several charges related to child pornography and today he pleaded not guilty to state murder charges. 

Cynthia Hoffman’s father was in the court room today along with a framed picture of his daughter in hopes that Schilmiller would see it.

Back in early June, Schilmiller had an online relationship with co-defendant Denali Brehmer, who was supposedly close friends with Hoffman. Schilmiller told Brehmer that he had millions of dollars and would share the wealth with her if she sent him child pornography, some of which included videos of and 8 or 9-year-old. He also told her he would pay her if she killed someone. Thats when Brehemer allegedly recruited four other teens to carry out the murder plot.


Schilmiller, along with the five Alaskan teens, are all facing multiple charges related to murder. As for Mr. Hoffman and his family, he says they are still working to get through this.

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