"Growing up my Mom drank, when I was young I used to, I hated it and growing up in Fairbanks, the bars stay open til 4 or 5 in the morning and they would take off for the weekends and I used to say I"m never going to drink when I grow-up, never," said Jacqueline Morris who is a Participant in the Day 001: Voices of Recovery Project.

However, at the age of thirteen Morris began drinking, in Junior High, she was raped three times after drinking with older guys, but she then went to away to Oregon for High School, where her life improved, but after returning to Alaska following college...

"I came back and I was lost, I was lost for a long time," Morris said.

Morris got pregnant and married a guy who was five years older than her, who ended up abusing her.

"But I still wasn't able to, quit, it just, I couldn't, alcohol was just so there and even though I thought it was going to take away my pain, it didn't, things got worse, it always got worse," said Morris.

But then, one day ten years ago, something just snapped and Morris knew she needed to make a change for her children, so she had them take her beer bottles and pour them into the toilet.

"Watching my children do that, that just, that was it, that was, seeing them do that and that gave the strength to quit," Morris said.

And each day, Morris and her children would mark her sober days off on the calendar.

"The numbers kept going up 20, 30, 50, 100, we still have that calendar, we still have that first year where we marked every single day and it's special," said Morris.

Now, Morris is one of eight people helping to raise awareness of alcoholism and encourage recovery for those currently dealing with alcohol abuse by sharing their stories on video, through Recover Alaska's Day 001: Voices of Recovery Project.

"It's helpful when you see another person do it, see what they've been through, how they've done it, how they've overcome it and I think that's what this project does, it's really inspirational and every single one of our stories are very beautiful and unique," Morris said.

And the Executive Director of Recover Alaska, hopes the project will be a strong message and make an impact on the future.

"I hope that in some number of years, it won't be brave to talk about this disease, that it won't take a lot of courage just to bring up this health issue that I have," said Tiffany Hall who is the Executive Director of Recover Alaska.

"There's healing in sharing, which helps others with their healing and it's just one big beautiful connected circle," Morris said.

Recover Alaska, encourages everyone to watch and share their videos, which is the mission of the Day 001:Voices of Recovery Project.

To watch the videos and find out more about this initiative just go to their website at www.day001.org or visit Recover Alaska on Facebook.

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