JBER, AK - Joint Base Elemendorf-Richardson is getting a fresh facelift this summer, ramping up security and smoothing out roads.

Construction crews have already started working on Provider Drive which stretches all the way from just inside the Boniface gate to the Muldoon gate. Work has also started on the Boniface gate begins, and traffic will be condensed to just two total lanes at a time. However, they are trying to avoid as much gate closure as possible, keeping a consistent traffic flow instead of backing up other parts of town.

After the Boniface gate comes the heavy lifting, and the most inconvenient part for both JBER and Anchorage residents. Construction crews will head towards Muldoon, the Post Road gate and ultimately the Government Hill gate - though that may not happen until the very end of the season or even early next summer.

While one inbound and one outbound late is predicted to remain open for each of these projects except Muldoon, it's strongly encourage to use an alternative gate to keep traffic to a minimum for both JBER residents and those in surrounding areas.