It wasn't the intent of Alaska's Congressional delegation, but that isn't how the US District Court is interpreting the new CARES act with an order disallowing payments to regional or village corporations.

The ruling was made by Judge Amit Mehta in a case filed by tribes in the lower 48 and Alaska who argued that native corporations don't meet federal definitions of "Indian Tribe" or "Tribal government."

The order presumes the tribes are likely to win the case on its merits, although the judge didn't order the government to pay out all of the money that's being disputed to the tribes.

Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan worked with other members of Alaska's delegation to make sure the definition of tribes includes corporations, adding, "This definition was mandated by Congress, and I hoep the district court gives as much attention to the ANCs as it does to some of the Lower 48 tribes who brought this lawsuit, lawsuits that have, you know, billion-dollar casino operations that no one seems to be paying much attention to."

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski disagrees with order saying, "This is not an issue of governance, this is an issue of making sure that those costs that have been incurred on the benefit and for the behalf of Alaska Natives - to cover those related costs to the coronavirus - can be reimbursed."