Photo: Viktor Hanacek

Alaskans who are no longer commuting to work or have had to close their businesses may want to make a call to their insurance company.

Alaska is the first state to be proactive in reducing automotive and other insurance costs for consumers due to a change in circumstances related to the coronavirus, according to the Consumer Federation of America.

Premiums for vehicles, for example, are normally based on policyholders driving a thousand miles a month, but with people not commuting to work or entertainment events they may now only be driving a hundred miles a month - dramatically lowering the likelihood of an accident which may equate to a dramatic reduction in this month's premium.

Additionally, businesses that are closed or have significantly reduced their hours or numbers of employees make have reduced the risk exposure their premiums were based on as well. 

Governor Michael Dunleavy (R-Alaska) recently issued insurance Bulletin 20-10 which encourages insurers to allow policyholders to self-audit and self-report changed in their exposure or risk profile for policies that don't demand a physical audit.

These changes remain in effect until June 1.