-Anchorage, AK 

Man Arrested For Threatening Family With Toy Gun on School Grounds

An Anchorage man has been arrested for threatening a woman and her children at Russian Jack Elementary School. 

On Wednesday a woman was picking up her children at Russian Jack Elementary when a man wearing camouflage rode up on his bike and stared at the woman. As the woman put her kids in the car, the suspect, now identified as 20-year-old Matthew Sandison, got off the bike, laid on the ground, and took out what appeared to be a scoped rifle and pointed it at the children. 

The woman called the school principal and APD responded to the scene. The school went into lock-down.

When APD arrived they located the suspect riding away on his bike. The suspect told the officers he had a Nerf gun. Officers located the gun and no other weapons on his person. 

Sandison was taken to the Anchorage Jail and charged with Assault III, Reckless Endangerment, and Terroristic Threatening. 


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