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US Ambassador to Mongolia Visits Alaska National Guard to Discuss Continued Partnership

For over a decade more than 1,500 soldiers and airmen have traveled to Mongolia for training and exercises, and Thursday, the US Ambassador to Mongolia met with Alaska National Guard Adjutant General Brigadier General Laurie Hummel to discuss their continued partnership. Read more »

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Alaska Air National Guard Receives a New Leader

During a Change of Command ceremony on Sunday, Colonel Karen Mansfield was given command of the Alaska Air National Guard from Brigadier General Timothy O'Brien who is retiring. Read More »

Six Second Adrenaline Rush

Six seconds, that's the amount of time it takes from when a Paratrooper exits the aircraft until their parachute deploys, and for them, they say those six seconds are the moments they live for. Read More »

Alaska Veterans Museum Celebrates 4th Birthday

It was free admission and free food, all for a very special birthday celebration. Read More »