Coast Guard Continues Annual Training in Anchorage

A Coast Guard 25-foot response boat transits across the bay while testing shallow water capabilities during Operation Arctic Crossroads 2010.


by Your Alaska Link News Team

ANCHORAGE-After training all week, Coast Guard members tackle role playing with different scenarios. "our folks can come across anything so we like to give them the tools to handle any situation that comes up," said Petty Officer First Class, Pete Harwell.
Scenarios start like any response to various situations with a basic set of questions.

"it's just an easy set of questions, where they're coming from, how many people are on board how long they've been out," said Harwell. This allows Coast Guard members to identify if anything suspicious may be going on . Coast Guard is trained to deal with everything from environmental issues to boater safety.

One of the basic tactics Coast guard men and women practiced on Thursday focused on communication. During scenarios involving multiple people, they are trained to separate the individuals and have a simple conversation."If you keep people together, they're not going to talk about what the person is doing or saying or whether they're out there catching illegal fish or hurting somebody else on board. If they're together you're not going to get answers from people," said Harwell.