Future uncertain for Eagleglen Golf Course


by Jessica Gruenling

ANCHORAGE, Ak--The future is uncertain for JBER'S Eagleglen Golf Course after rumors circulated that it will not reopen this spring.

"A healthy golf course is a healthy community and I personally think it would be pretty devastating to the community. It will absolutely change the industry in this area," Jeff Barnhart, Executive Director for the Alaska Golf Association.

JBER officials are reviewing budgetary concerns and say a holistic review is being conducted and no formal decision has been made.

"If we lose one facility a snow ball effect is going to happen. Not only is open play, the general guy that just wants to go out, and that's military as well as civilian, retirees, family members. They're going to not play as often and because the other golf courses are going to feel busier they're going to be able to charge whatever they want ," Barnhart.

If Eagleglen were to close it would have an effect on the stores that supply golfers with their equipment.

"In this case I think a lot of people will decide they don't want to play golf because it was just too difficult and might get too expensive and as a result our customer base will shrink," John Gose, Full Swing.

The closure would also be devastating to charitable organizations that host their events at Eagleglen. The course holds 48 golf tournaments a year. These events would be displaced to other golf courses that probably will not have availability for them.