JBER brigade competes in fitness competition


by Whitney LB Miller

ANCHORAGE - When it comes to our military fitness and preparation for combat are priority. Your military link reporter Whitney Miller spent time with the 2nd engineer brigade Wednesday as they took part in a new kind of fitness competition.

For three days army commanders randomly selected units to test their PT skills with a new type of exercise program, similar to the popular trend Cross-fit.

Col. Peter Andrysiak says he's been training this way since 2007.

"When I was a battalion commander I made my whole unit go through it," he said. "Very successful much more meaningful and useful in preparation for combat when your wearing a heavy load."

In the past few months the brigade has implemented new policy to define the organizations physical fitness program called the warrior athlete focusing on functional high intensity movements.

Wednesday the best of the best had to spend a number of minutes in each category.