Organizational days begin on JBER


by Whitney LB Miller

ANCHORAGE - On Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson regimen and protocol are what keeps the military wheels turning. Soldiers often times need a reward to remind them of what they are fighting for. Your Alaska Link Joined the troops for day one of the brigades organizational days.

The Arctic Kittens - A two man team made up of Sgt. Johnson and Sanchez say it's their mission to triumph over their fellow soldiers.

"You had to do sets of 15 i did 3 sets," said Sgt. Bryan Johnson. "in that first group we got beat a little bit but we can come back."

The duo is competing in the functional fitness competition. This challenge is one part of a two day event that is geared around more than just bragging rights.

Specialist Shelby Rodriguez says the event is "a moral booster, we all get together and the companies provide a team and we compete against each other to see who is the most fit."

Rodriguez is a medic on staff for the competition she's making sure all the participants are attempting the exercises safely.

From pull-ups to lunges in a gym on Elmendorf to across base where bullets are flying in the name of fun.

For this challenge even if your not dressed for the cause everyone is allowed to participate.

"Everybody is having a good time at this point its not everyday you get to come to work and build a little comradery with your teams, said 1st. Lt. Ralph. "Get a chance to beat all the rest of the other units."

Two shell casings at a time these men and women were locked and loaded for a good time.