The mugs at Snow City Cafe are now all orange to help raise awareness about alcohol addiction and recovery.

"If you, yourself don't have an issue with alcohol you probably know somebody who does," Tiffany Hall who is the Executive Director of Recover Alaska said.

September is National Recovery Month and so Snow City Cafe, switched out all of their mugs for orange Recover Alaska ones.

"We really value our community's health and wellness and we want to make sure that we promote that and draw up as much people in as we can because we have a unique environment to do so here," Jessica Ratledge who is the General Manager of Snow City Cafe said.

In addition to the mugs there are story cards placed inside the Cafe as well, where Guests can share their stories about alcohol addiction and recovery.

"Sometimes it's easier to connect with a personal story than a statistic on a page," Hall said.

"Recover Alaska can use those to help others and make people more aware that it doesn't just affect the person that's suffering with the addiction, but also those around them in their life," Ratledge said.

"The hope is that it will reduce some of the stigma, alcoholism is a chronic disease, it is not a moral failing and I think the more that we talk about it in open settings the easier it is to talk about and the easier it is hopefully for somebody to seek help," Hall said.

The story cards will be collected and then possibly used on Recover Alaska's story section on their website.

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