No Budget Solution as Partisan Bickering Continues

Anchorage, AK -- Finger pointing, division, and continued defiance of Governor Dunleavey's call of the special session location, have bee the hallmark's of this legislative session, as partisan bickering continues.

The big issues remain; approving a capital budget, deciding the amount of the PFD, whether or not to again try and reverse the Governor's $444 million dollar vetoes, and the proper location of the special session. A group of lawmakers in Juneau unveiled their latest plan to try and resolve these issues with a $926 PFD, however, they lack the necessary votes to pass anything with another group in Wasilla.

If the legislature fails to pass a capital budget by July 31, the state of Alaska stands to lose almost a billion dollars in federal funding.

The Governor has indicated that there has been movement on a compromise, however, he still insists on a PFD that reflects the traditional calculation formula, around $3,000.

Meanwhile, two lawsuits have been filed on the proper location of the special session, and a group of people have begun the monumental task of trying to recall Governor Dunleavey.

All of this comes with real time deadlines that could adversely affect a majority of Alaskans.  


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