--Seward, AK

On August 25th, 21-year-old Preston Atwood was last seen at Fourth of July Beach in Seward and five days later was found dead. 

The Seward Police Department announced the case is a homicide investigation, but since then little information has been released to the public and to the victims family -including where Preston's body was found. 

Preston's family and many in the tight-knit community believe they know who is responsible for his murder, but not a single charge has been made and the suspects are still walking the streets.

A lack of resources in the small police department appeared to be a factor in the length of time it has taken to make an arrest, with SPD telling the family only one investigator was assigned to the case. 

With the family growing tired and no progress being made, SPD has now turned the case over to the District Attorney's Office. 

"Turn yourself in. We know you, we know who you are. Just turn yourself in so we can try to start to find peace," said Preston Atwood's Aunt, Brooke Andrews.

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