Recover Alaska is now bringing Alcohol Addiction and Recovery information to Alaskans' fingertips.

"Alaska has a much higher than average rate of substance abuse disorders, and there's a lot of need in our community to find these kinds of resources and we have often heard from providers and community members alike that there isn't one place people can go to try to find all of these resources, so we're just hoping to try to fill that gap a little bit," Tiffany Hall who is the Executive Director for Recover Alaska said.

Recover Alaska's new website,, will help those who think they may have an alcohol addiction, as well as those who believe their loved ones or friends could need help.

One aspect of the new site is the screening questionnaire.

"This screening tool is not an assessment, it's different from a clinical assessment and that's something that a lot of folks need to really figure out what type of treatment level they need, but it just asks some basic questions, basic demographic questions, and then questions about drinking regularity and how often and what types of consequences maybe people have suffered because of drinking," Hall said.

And if someone does feel themselves, or someone they care about needs help, they can use the resources on Recover Alaska's website, or call Recover Alaska's representative with United Way of Anchorage's 2-1-1 service to help get them the treatment they need.

"Moving forward we hope to have the information and referral specialists who's at Alaska 2-1-1 to start building some of those relationships, so that when a provider has no capacity we will know that, or when a provider has empty beds we'll also know that so we'll just shorten the gap between getting somebody the help that they need," Hall said.

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