Anchorage, AK --

Cases of STDs in the United States have hit an all time high, but it’s not just in people under 30, reports show adults over 55 saw the highest increase in rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

As a group, older Americans tend to underestimate their risk for diseases like HIV and are far less likely than younger people to use condoms or take other precautions when having sex. As a result, every state has seen major increases over the past several years in the prevalence of several common STDs among adults 55 and older.

2019 statistics have yet to be released, but the number of STDs in the nation and just in Alaska are expected to grow. Since 2001, Alaska has been either first or second in the nation for chlamydia. In 2018, the state was second for gonorrhea and also had its largest syphilis outbreak in four decades. But why is Alaska always at the top of the list? Well, we have the second lowest median age in the country, which means we as a state are more sexually active. Plus, we also have a high rate of providers that test and report diseases compared to other states. 

The Department of Health says living in Alaska makes it easy to contract an STD, regardless if you're 22 or 72. So always play it safe when being sexually active by using protection and getting tested regularly. 


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