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Eskimo genetic study

A new genetic study of mitochondrial dna hap-ogroups ties the Inupiat and Inuit populations from Alaska, Canada and Greenland back to the Inupiat of our North Slope. Ancient remains of the neo and paleo eskimos were compared to DNA from living Inuit from Alaska to Greenland. Northwestern University scientists say for the first time they found a clear biological link - the study found Alaska's North Slope to be the homeland of both groups - demonstrating that the first eskimos of alaska migrated to the Eastern North American arctic. There was a second wave as well - the more technologically sophisticated neo-eskimos migrating from the Bering Strait region to Greenland. The study found ninty-eight percent of maternal lineages in modern Inupiat sampled were found to be direct decendents of paleo and neo-eskimos and the genetic composition of all the North Slope communities were so closely related that they could be considered one single population. Read more »

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