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Fairbanks Four Solidarity

All eyes in the state have been turned to Fairbanks this week - watching the fate of four men who have spent nearly two decades in prison for a crime many in the native community don't believe they didn't committed. Dorene Lorenz has the details. Read more »

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Quyana Night 1

One of the hallmarks of the Alaska Federation of Natives Conference is Quayana night. For over twenty years dances that tell the stories of our ancestors have been shared - offering lessons from the past that are relevant today. Dorene Lorenz has spent the day at the convention center following the politics and the pagentry. Dorene? Read More »

Sick Bowhead Whale landed at Katovik

A bittersweet moment for the village of Katovik...their first female harpooner - Stephanie Aishanna of the Green Boat crew...caught a whale that ended up being sick. Read More »

Fishermans Finest Dennis Moran on Building New Fishing Boats

Fisherman's Finest Dennis Moran talks with Dorene Lorenz on difficulties inherent in building new fishing vessels in Alaskan shipyards. Read More »